1. Luciano Pavarotti

2. Luciano Pavarotti

Luciano Pavarotti

Luciano Pavarotti (1935-2007)


"Luciano Pavarotti was the FIRST tenor I had ever heard... I bought two of his albums from a TV commercial when I was eigtheen years old and had just won a full voice scholarship to PJC, Pensacola Junior College, in 1982... I was thrilled to be headed into The U.S. Marine Corps until I received my Scholarship... "~ Antonio



Pavarotti possesses an infectious enthusiasm and true zest for living. The big man's also got a big heart and conscience; he's an ambitious and tireless fundraiser for a variety of charitable causes. In addition to his humanitarian interests, the tenor's equally dedicated to the development of the careers of young opera singers. He's initiated an international vocal competition for up-and-coming maestros and divas.

The king of the high C's golden voice is his obvious talent. The Maestro can hit certain notes with perfect pitch, which the untrained human voice could barely approach. The magical quality of the sounds he can produce transcend the recordings and concert stages he's performed on, and penetrate the heart and soul of anyone within earshot.

As the best-selling opera and classical artist in the history of the music industry, Luciano Pavarotti's recordings have sold in excess of 100 million units worldwide. He's been honored with a mountain of international accolades for his music and humanitarian work. He's received the Grammy for Best Classical Vocal Performance five times since 1978, in addition to that association's Living Legend Award, and has sung 373 performances at the Met since his debut there in 1968.

Some of the other numerous prizes he's been presented with throughout his career include the Commendatore Cross and Grand Official Cross for services to the Italian Republic; Officer of the Legion d'Honneur; NARAS Musicares Person of the Year; and Kammersanger (presented by the Austrian Minister of Culture). Pavarotti has also been the recipient of the annual Kennedy Center Honors Award "for the unique and extremely valuable contributions made to the cultural life of the USA."

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